No matter where Grace Walker goes, her psychic power goes with her. She’s has empathic visions and sees things—terrible things. After a tragic accident at the place where she works, she decides to take a mental-health break on a remote West Coast island. But she no sooner gets to Galliano Island when a vision of the murder of an Indigenous woman draws her into a disturbing and threatening dilemma.


His real identity is tied to a treacherous past associated with American intelligence operations closed down after the end of the Cold War, and his enemy is relentless. 

All he has to do is change his name. Right? Wrong. Very wrong. Felix has eyes and ears everywhere.


In spy thriller Finding Ruby Draker, a young woman whose identity has been torn from her struggles to reinvent herself as she learns to accept the secrets of the past. 

Finding Ruby Draker is a novel about accepting change, embracing danger, and taking risks. Ruby Draker learns that you never know what life is going to throw at you, and if you want to survive, you have to trust your instincts.


He’s alive! At the safehouse in Southern France, Ruby Draker is stunned as she monitors the security system, when a photograph appears on the screen. Presumed dead, the photograph shows Robert Draker in a wheel chair at the Portland, Maine physio clinic. The Draker family immediately jump into action and fly to the US to save Robert. But they no sooner land when they realize that not only is Robert harder to find than they anticipated, there is a much larger situation of concern. Now they have to chose between saving their beloved family member or defending national security.