My truest pleasure, amusement, and release come from turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

linkedin imageIn all the years I worked in business, I never knew I had a flair for storytelling. Being tangled in the day-to-day challenges of meeting deadlines, dollar targets, and ever tighter material delivery expectations left little time or energy for creativity.

Yet at my core, I always felt something there, a little light, lying in wait. I didn’t know how to name it, this yearning, gnawing feeling that grew inside me with every passing year.

At work, I would jokingly threaten to write a “tell-all” about my colleagues, exposing the difficult personalities and the stressful foibles of the fast-paced manufacturing industry, but in fact, I was more interested in letting my imagination run with stories of conspiracy, forbidden affairs, corporate espionage and other sundry misdoings. These stories were my solace.

Once I left the corporate world, instead of penning non-fiction tales of the unprincipled and immoral scaling the ladder of success or screwing coworkers, I gave myself over to my imagined worlds. My truest pleasure, amusement, and release soon came from turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. From this, my stories have been born.


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