A September Update

A September Update

How has your summer been? I hope you’ve traveled, gone to a cottage, or enjoyed time in your backyard perhaps with a favorite beverage and book. These warm sultry days give us happy memories to sustain us through the cold months ahead.

It seems that August has been in a hurry to race toward September. It flew by! I’m going to miss those hot steamy days, though, the cooler temperatures and leaves changing colors give me a new sense of appreciation for the changing seasons. Change often leads to drama, which is the perfect tool to create suspenseful, heart-racing stories. Yes, I’m working on a new project, a sci-fi thriller. It’s been a slow slog but that happens to the many writers. A story takes the time it needs.

How about you? What have you been reading? Do your reading preferences change with the seasons? While I often read history or memoirs or other non-fiction, my reading preferences lean toward mystery. It’s what I write. Our lives are filled with routine, the same thing day after day. It’s nice to wander into a fictional world where danger and intrigue take characters to interesting places. So, my books indulge your need for escape from the boredom of work and responsibility, if only for an hour at a time. Indulge yourself. I invite you to give my novels consideration and add them to your “to be read” list? Yes, I know your reading list is long. So is mine. What can I say? Reading is such sweet pleasure.

A Little Bit About Marianne Scott

A writer sees and experiences the world with heightened intensity. There is something in our nature that makes us look at people longer, and access situations with a curiosity that makes our forehead curl. The world is weird, filled with crazy people floundering around in an ever-changing environment. What looks like an ordinary scene or situation to most of us, a writer might perceive with suspicion. Writers absorb possibilities that conjure up situations that make us ask how on earth or why something happens. Writers perceive things with a storied eye, things that passersby shrug off with nothing more than a “humph”. But it is exactly those ordinary things that we file away in our twisted brains where they marinate until it comes out in bizarre ways in the stories we write.

A writer uses these observances, reinvents the circumstances, and reinterprets characters’ motivations in unusual ways. When seen through the creative spirit of your favorite (or newly found writer) such twists and turns reawaken what readers have also seen but have dismissed or ignored. Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary is a gift that writers pass on to their readers in their novels. A story’s strength comes from interpretation.

The Draker Series Mystery/Thrillers

In any series, I believe readers get attached to characters struggling through an unusual situation. In The Draker Series Thrillers, we find a full cast of several characters who have all suffered a similar fate at the hands of a sociopathic killer. While the killer believes they are dead, the survivors ensure anonymity by changing their names and identities and relocating to France in a luxurious safe house. But Felix, the crazed madman, doesn’t kill just his one intended target, he kills their entire family. When the killer learns that he has failed, he doubles down on his efforts. This doesn’t deter the Drakers who have made it their mission to stop him and bring him to justice. They also have technology and sophisticated facial recognition software that alerts the Drakers to Felix’s next victim. In a world filled with evil, let’s hope that the good guys prevail!

Happy reading.