The Next Phase for a Writer

The Next Phase for a Writer

Getting Published Starts a New Phase in a Writer’s Journey

Writing a book is a hard and long task but once you’re there a harder journey starts. You step out of the world of a writer into the world of an author who wants faithful readers. You know, people who buy your books. 

The business of selling books is not for the feint of heart. Getting published, whether traditionally or independently, is not the end of the road but the beginning of next phase of an exciting career. 

While we’d like to have that phase look after itself, it takes more than a great story to sell books. Writers face a daunting new test immediately after they are published. It’s a harsh reality after all the work done to complete an engaging novel and to bring it to the market. There is no guarantee that readers will rush to buy your book just because your title is in the distribution chain. 

The problem is that no one knows you are there. The old adage “If you build it, they will come” is not applicable to this market. You need visibility, but in an overly crowded market that is difficult if not impossible. If you want even the slightest chance of sales you have to promote and advertise. Even then, unless you have some kind of celebrity, sales might be modest. Awards, well-rated reviews on Amazon, and mentions on bloggers websites help but may not be enough.

The literary market is massive. Even the best-selling authors among us compete with the millions of novels in the literary arena. But that doesn’t stop the serious lesser-known authors. We have to be persistent and continuously promote our books. The good news is that we too have an audience but we have to bring those readers to us. To do that we have to take advantage of any opportunity availed to us. Our readers are out there and we not only have to find them, we have to bring them to us.

There are many ways an author can make themselves known to the world: social media, newsletters, websites, blogs, and in this case the magazine article above. I am very grateful to have been granted a spot in Women Rock Magazine who have almost half a million followers. I am honoured. The more potential readers who see it, the better chance to gain a reader. Thank you, Deanna Tobin, founder and editor of Women Rock Magazine.

My article is on pages 12 and 13.

If a writer wants a share of the literary market, they have to be seen. We can’t be shy. We have to tell the world about us and our books.

There is another cliché “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” This article is my way of squeaking. I always say, “There are so many stories to tell.” I’m calling out to readers, lovers of mystery thrillers. I have stories for you and I’m shouting out to find you.

Marianne Scott, author

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